A Seaside July’s To Do List


Sandcastles by the Sea…

Admiring the sandiest works of art courtesy of the Wildwood Crest Sand Sculpting Festival July 2020

As true seaside lovers know, the month of July comes with beach bliss, sure, but also big responsibilities. Summer lovers have so much to accomplish! We’ve gotta check out the latest Beach Read (for discussion at our “beach meetings”) while making time for a bit of binge watching by the pool (while actually finishing the aforementioned bestseller, multitaskers that we are). There’s boogie boarding, Boardwalk strolling and backyard barbeques. Whew!

The Summer of 2022 has begun! 🎇🧨 What’s on your calendar this month?

I plan to:

Jump into each Summer Day

Unleash my Inner Beach Bum

Linger Among the Works of Art at the Sand Sculpting Festival

Yoga on the Beach, anyone?

Happy July, Everyone!

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