August’s Seaside To Do List

Seagulls, Sunsets and Seaside Serenity…

Soaking up all that Summer Goodness in Wildwood, NJ 2022

Ready for a month full of Fun in the Sun? Summer’s fading fast! There’s not a moment to waste (unless happily wasting time is on your Summer To Do List😊).

 For those without a plan, feel free to borrow mine (no special skills required):

Arrive Early for the Downtown Wildwood Farmers Market🍋🍅🍓

Unearth the Beachiest Treasures

Gather Loved Ones Together for a Concert Under the Stars🌟⭐

Update that Summer Playlist!

Settle Gratefully Beneath the Sunset

Tune into the Great, Sandy Outdoors⛵🏖⛱

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