Late Summer Seaside Advice


Beach Grass and Summer Breezes…

Breezing into another beautiful summer day in Wildwood, NJ 2022

““Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice.” Said by every “all-knowing” advice giver😊

Need a bit of guidance to navigate these late, great days of summer? Let’s keep it simple, we’ve got seaside business to take care of and not a minute to waste…

Seaside experts (nameless but nonetheless wise) have weighed in and all agree on the best way to get the most out of these soon-to-cool-off coastal days:

Show up on time (the sunrise waits for no one) …Share a Seawall Stroll (and sunscreen) …Make memories not media posts…Respect others’ beach space…Smile (unless it’s windy, sand and teeth don’t mix) …Always believe in the goodness of your fellow seaside lovers…Replace worry with wonder…Try something different (explore the wonders of cheese fry pizza) Take a Ferris Wheel ride at sunset…you’re guaranteed to enjoy the view…🌇🎡

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