Hello, Seaside September!

September’s Sunrises, Seagulls and Seawall Strolls

Following the path leading to the most beautiful sunrise (and September) in Wildwood, NJ 2019

Originally Published in the Sun by the Sea…print and online@ sunbythesea.com

September sails through the remaining days of summer. Soaks up the sun. 🌞 Soars among the seagulls. Takes a mini vacation. Follows the sunrise. Loves where it leads! Throws a barbeque. Buys school supplies. Hits the books! 📚 Finds true wisdom. Holds onto flip-flop season a little longer. Keeps endless summer days at heart. Belongs to nature. Lingers by-the-sea.  Jams on the beach. Feels the shift in temperatures. Finds time for summer sales. Anticipates a multitude of colors among the leaves. 🍁🍂 Opens every window. Breathes in salty air. Gazes at the morning glory. Shops at farmer’s markets. Sits an apple pie on a windowsill. 🥧 Lives sweetly. Savors vegetable soup. 🥣 Gets creative. Takes black-and-white snapshots. 📸 Remembers moments in Technicolor. Can’t wait for the Irish Fall Festival! ☘ Looks for the pot of gold. Knows life’s true fortune

Happy September!

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