Almost Autumn’s To Do List


Beach and Bike Rides: Perfect Together

Riding into another sunny, seaside day in Wildwood, NJ September 2022

I think we seasiders can all agree; the Summer of 2022 offered us so much (including humidity, which does frightening things to our hair!) All those beach days and boardwalk nights added up to one perfect seaside stay. However, as Mother Nature commands, time marches on, our hair (thankfully) recovers and eventually we settle into cooler mornings and even more colorful days. Autumn offers us a time to chill (before the actual “chill” takes over), a time to slow down and smell the pumpkin spice coffee. It’s almost time to cozy up at a Bonfire on the Beach and sip hot tea by the sea, to travel by way of a hay ride (like a rollercoaster ride for people who prefer the ground to the sky).

Ready to get seriously seaside, where sea air and apple spice provide the season’s salty and sweet?

Transitional days such as these deserve a celebration! In honor of these still-summer-almost-autumn days, why not:

Bike ride on the Beach? (probaby much harder than it looks)

Swim in the still-warm ocean (lifeguard areas only)

Create that Summer of 2022 Photo Album

Pick the Last of the Garden Veggies

Plant Memories alongside New Beginnings

Sail toward the Sweetest Sunset

Finally Connect with Autumn

May your days be salty and sweet!

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