Hello, Seaside Fall!



The sun always steals the show in Wildwood, NJ September 2022

“If a year was tucked inside a clock, then autumn would be the Magic Hour” ~ Victoria Erickson

The most magical time of year has finally begun (no, Santa Clause hasn’t arrived yet, althoug clearly he is magical in his own right). It’s fall, people, the time of year coated in golden and vibrant colors only Heaven could create.! Heaven, as we seasiders know, is a bit nearer by the sea, where autumn brings the sun even closer, with the sunlight bouncing off the ocean creating a magic all its own.

We’ve got hayrides and hot chocolate sure to help us (temporarily) forget about Merry Go Rounds and iced lattes (unless, they’re pumpkin spice, of course). The sand is cooler, the air is saltier and life is just sweeter! Fall is a too-short time of year, meant to be spent outdoors (preferably with a scenic beach view:)).

Whatever your view may be during these magical hours, may it be tinted in amber and gold, with a sandy path to illuminate your way…

Happy Fall to All!!

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