Hello, Seaside October!

The sun and sky light the way into a beautiful seaside October day in Wildwood, NJ 2018

Originally published in the Sun by the Sea…print and online at: http://www.sunbythesea.com

October celebrates the season of plenty. Wakes to the first frost. Takes a brisk beach walk. Feels autumn in the sea air. Makes jam. Organizes closets. Throws the final barbeque. Collects gold and amber leaves. Goes on a hayride. Buys the biggest pumpkin! Witnesses the intermingling of sun and shade, light and dark. Enters a Halloween Decorating Contest. Watches as stars light up the sky. Gathers loved ones together. Gets warm by the fireplace. Tells ghost stories. Watches for a full moon. Travels by way of the imagination🙂 Always finds the way back home...

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