October’s Seaside To Do List


My favorite color is October…

~ said by every unknown autumn lover

A front-row seat for a sunrise worth waiting for in Wildwood, NJ October 2020

“The trees are in their autumn beauty, the woodland paths are dry, Under the October twilight, the water Mirrors a still sky.” William Butler Yeats

Is there a better month than October for getting still by the sea, for catching the kaleidoscope of colors courtesy of sunlight reflecting off the ocean, observing the sights of the changing leaves and the sounds of the still-present seagulls? Following the rush of summer activities and before the craziness Kris Kringle will soon enough bring, this in-betweeen time of year offers coziness and comfort, ease and the occassional pumpkin carving, sweet strolls through Farmer’s Markets and a quicker sprint through a Haunted Mansion. It’s a season for cruising through a corn maze, making mouth-watering apple pies, savoring sweet cider and salty seas, for making wishes inspired by that soft October twilight…

How do you plan on celebrating this inspired season of peace and plenty?

My Oh-So-Simple October Seaside Plan (meant for sharing):

Open to all of the Possibilities Autumn Brings

Collect Seashells and Scarecrows

Take a Scenic Hayride

Organize a Halloween Bash (ghosts, goblins and beach bums always welcome)

Break for a Bundled-Up Kind of Beach Day

Educate Myself on the Wonders of a Pumpkin Patch

Rejuvenate, Realign and Rest Beneath the Autumn Moon

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