November’s Seaside To Do List


Some of the days in November carry the whole memory of summer as a fire opal carries the color of moonrise…

~ Gladys Taber

The sweet memories of summer linger, as an autumnal glow settles over the sea in Wildwood, NJ 2022

It’s November, the most thankful time of year! What are you most thankful for this year? Family? Friends? Friday nights headed to the shore, where the view is always sweet, and the air is always salty? Perhaps, go-getters that (some of) you are, you’ve already completed your Wish Lists and conquered your holiday shopping (overachievers, raise your hands!)

Maybe, proud beach bum that you are, you’re content spending these quiet, pre-holiday days doing nothing more than gazing out at the deep, blue sea (where all of life’s answers reside).

However you’re spending these thankful days, may you share a fantastic feast with the people you love and a sweet, salty view always worth loving…

I Plan to:

Notice Life’s Little Things aren’t so Little

Open the Best Days with a Sunrise and a Smile🌅

Visit Loved Ones

Embark on a Gratitude Tour (ocean view included)

Make Wish Lists for Family and Friends🖋📃

Brake (and bake) for a Thanksgiving Celebration

Enjoy a Long Holiday Seaside Weekend!

Remember to Make Time for Lots of Beach Walks🏖

HAPPY NOVEMBER, by land or by sea…

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