A Thankful Seaside Life


Take a step back today. Look at all those beautiful things you have…

~ Unknown

Admiring the beauty of a November sunrise in Wildwood, NJ 2019

In case you missed the memo, we have officially entered The Most Thankful Time of Year! Odd for some of us, I know, since the weather has turned decidedly chilly, and the dark hours clearly outnumber the light. Beach days have dwindled but bonfires are still a welcomed activity (especially if smores are involved). Wish Lists these days seem to revolve more around electronic devices than seaside vacations and backyard barbeques have been replaced by turkey with all the trimmings.

If you’re lucky enough to be seaside this time of year, you have the advantage of a beach stroll before the festivities (to work up an appetite) and a long boardwalk (to walk off the aforementioned feast). There are fewer crowds (for the social distance lovers) but plenty of places to conquer that Christmas shopping list!

Once the body has been well-fed, and we’ve done our part to boost the economy, lest we forget about that spectacular view, sure to satisfy the soul and best shared with the ones we love…

What’s not to be thankful for these salty but sweet, pumpkin-spiced (and turkey sliced) days?

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