Santa’s Seaside Health Tip


Seaside Snowman

A brightly-lit ferris wheel lights the way for Santa in Wildwood, NJ 2019

A holly, jolly hello to all my fellow seaside lovers! I’m sure it’s odd for some of you to see me as a health nut at heart. Yes, I do have a reputation for having a deep love for chocolate chip cookies with full-fat milk (is there any other kind, really?) We all have our vices, especially residents at the North Pole, where comfort food is key to survival during our long, cold winters.

However, when I reach your sandy shores, I realize there’s more to life than comforting carbohydrates. There’s fresh, salty air accompanying brisk beach walks (the Santa gear really comes in handy during those chilly strolls). Happily, there are other “Fitness Friends,” too, I meet along the sandy way, who have realized what I have, an ocean view inspires a healthier mindset!

My stress level really reduces as soon as I step boot on sand. Truthfully, I’ve used fatty foods as a way of coping with being the Magical Man in Red. My fellow Christmas lovers are good folk, but, boy, are they a needy bunch! Everybody wants something! Electronics, cars, cold hard cash (which, for the thousandth time, my elves DO NOT make), toys and trinkets…the list is endless. Know what I want? That’s right, the aforementioned ocean view with a cool cardio workout (my red suspendered workout outfit is both functional and fashionable). I want to earn all those sweet treats waiting for me on Christmas Eve. Mostly, Santa wants a healthy (a.k.a. less-stressed) lifestyle.

So, there’s Santa’s Seaside tip: get fit, my friends! Take that long, soul-renewing walk and really enjoy what this time of year offers; magic and a bit of mystery (there really is no figuring me out) and most importantly love, sure to last longer than things. Mix in a colorful bayside sunset and you’ve got the perfect seaside holiday season…

While I still look forward to the milk and cookies on Christmas Eve (I’m not totally reformed. Sleigh traveling does work up an appetite plus I’ve got all those reindeer to share with), my wish for all of you is the true sweetness of the season…. a happy heart.

Happy, Healthy Holidays to all my friends, both health nuts and cookie lovers!

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