January’s Seaside Resolutions


Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right… ~ Oprah Winfrey

January dreams about sunrises in July… Wildwood, NJ 2016

“Instead of resolutions, let’s just call them “casual promises we may fulfill.” ~ thefunnybeaver.com

What have you resolved to do (or finally refrain from doing) this new year? Are we really up for all that society “suggests” we accomplish in the Year 2023? Waaaay too much pressure, people!

I suggest we keep it simple in 2023 by the sea…Instead of resolving to lose weight, why don’t we gain a bit of insight, instead? A brisk seawall stroll, ocean view included, burns calories, sure, but it also uplifts the soul. An uplifted soul, naturally, energizes the body (possibly resulting in more cardio and less cupcakes). Sticking with that energized vibe, instead of resolving to watch less TV, why don’t we plan on watching more sunrises, witnessing more of those spirit-stirring sunsets?

Beachcombing in place of binge shopping? Why not?

This seaside year, I’m resolving to stop and smell the salty air…breathe out any stressors…build more sandcastles…notice life’s little things…love more…judge less…smile more (exercises the jaw!) …remember childhood dreams…live them heart and soul…

All promises best kept among the sand and the stars…

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