Sweet Seaside Days


True Love stories never have endings…

~Richard Bach

Love is all around at the end of a seawall stroll in Wildwood, NJ Winter 2019

That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet… ~ Emily Dickenson

During the sweetest week of the year, when the dark still exceeds the light, but chocolate hearts seem to be everywhere in sight, why not reflect on all that makes wintertime so sweet? Would a winter’s sunrise be so bright if not for the long night that preceded it? Doesn’t spring’s light shine even brighter following the shadows of a sleepy winter?

Staying in the present moment, winter certainly has its perks. Aside from the (required) aforementioned chocolate, there’s fortifying homemade soups and soothing cups of tea, snoozing fireside, soft, cozy blankets and serene, quiet moments… comfort comes in many forms in winter! The days go by quickly, wrapped in moments never to be replaced.

During these days that will never come again, let’s take the time to breathe in that crisp (if we’re lucky salty) air, breathe out any stress and love the peace only the present moment can provide. Let’s take those limited flashes of sunshine and make the most of them, with lots of satisfying chocolate breaks in between, as we navigate our way toward the next one-of-a-kind season…

Self-care at its sweetest! ❤🍫

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