Winter’s Seaside Leftovers


Winter is not a season. It’s an Occupation…

~ Sinclair Lewis

The dawn of a new winter day in Wildwood, NJ 2023

With less than one month left of winter, what’s left this winter to do? We’ve (presumably) gotten our steps in courtesy of bundled-up beach walks, we’ve admired the view and enjoyed the occasional Boardwalk bike ride (again, that view!) Due to the lack of snow, we’ve made angels in the sand (quickly) and built a seasonally approved sandman, completed with mittens, scarf and cool shades, naturally.

The domesticated among us have cooked to our heart’s content, baking pies and homemade soups, served up right with hot chocolate or toasty buttered rum. Clearly, we’ve celebrated the season in cozy style. We’ve done our part to make it meaningful. We’ve gone stargazing, knowing we’re “supposed” to value the present moment but secretly wishing to find winter in our rearview mirrors come morning! We’re pretty much over it around here. We’re ready for more daylight, for lighter clothes, for actually lingering by the sea without the worry of frostbite (even on sunny mornings that sea air is seriously chilly. 🥶

However, before leaving winter officially behind (aside from those of us who have already mentally checked out and into Seaside Summer: Version 2023), why not find a comfy spot, ocean view recommended but not required, and sink into the Present Moment? Summer dreaming aside, let’s remember we’re never more alive than when we’re living in the Here and Now, fully aware of our place in our every-changing world. The days are getting longer, the ground is getting warmer, and life is moving forward. Halleluiah! There is sun light (and daylight savings time) at the end of winter’s dark tunnel! 🥳

Meanwhile, let’s savor what’s left of Winter 2023 (baked goods and buttered rum optional😊)

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