Hello, Seaside March!

March makes every Sunset Sweet…

Waiting for sweet springtime to begin in Wildwood, NJ March 2019

Originally published in the Sun by the Sea…print and online @ sunbythesea.com

March moves quickly through winter. Wakes in time for the sunrise. 🌅 Appreciates longer days. Takes longer walks. Wears lighter clothes.  Fills a vase with violets. Jogs on the beach. Just can’t wait to catch a wave! Takes the long way home. Looks for a leprechaun. Shines with the sunset. Sees angels everywhere. 👼Mingles with the chilly rain. Buys umbrellas in every color. ☔ Jumps over sandy puddles. Looks for the Sun.😎 Sees signs of boardwalk activity. Listens to the melody of the sea. 🎶 Lives in perfect harmony. Loves life’s little things. Shakes hands with St. Patrick. Picks four-leaf clovers. 🍀Considers each seaside day lucky.  Stops to witness the end of winter. Welcomes spring…🌸🌻

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