Seaside Luck


Sunrise + Beach Grass = Good Fortune

A lucky start to another sweet winter morning in Wildwood, NJ 2023

“You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it.” Jimmy Dean

Happily, you instinctively know you’re lucky when you’re standing along the coast, breathing in salty air, nestled tenderly among the sand and the stars. As winter fades, perhaps the luckiest place to be is by the sea, where the world calmly awakens from a dark slumber, greeted by brilliant sunlight. As our sleepy seaside town stirs, the days slowly get longer, our wardrobe gets lighter, and the air, if not the ocean temp, gets a bit warmer as our thoughts turn to all-things spring…

Now’s the time for basking in our good fortune, for getting outside and grasping the last gasps of the coldest season, for taking the long way, wherever that sandy road leads, with the ocean at our backs and the sun in our faces, for living in the blissful present moment, savoring how lucky we truly are…

No four-leaf clover required. 🍀

Happy Seaside St. Patrick’s Day!

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