April’s Seaside To Do List

April’s Awesome Landscape

Walking through the sweet (and salty) month of April in Wildwood, NJ 2022

Every moment is a fresh beginning… ~ T.S. Eliot

Spring has finally seen the (sun)light and the seascape has never been sweeter (and I’m not just talking about all those chocolate Easter bunnies currently taking up scrumptious space in our sweet shops)! Open those windows, Spring Lovers, toss out those winter blues and breathe in that seaside air (I’ll wait while you grab the antihistamine). Let’s celebrate the season of fresh beginnings and all that April by the sea brings…There’s National Find a Rainbow Day (best found perching over the ocean), National Deep-Dish Pizza Day (best observed with an ocean view) and of course, all those Boardwalk adventures and tasty treats…with the ocean overlooking it all, naturally. 😉

 With that oceanic theme firmly in place, and in between all that seaworthy revelry, don’t forget to enjoy spring’s simplest pleasures. I’m making time to…

Arrange an Easter Brunch (Easter Egg Hunt, anyone?) 🥚🧺

Plan that Pre-Summer Seaside Vacation!

Roam Happily from Beach to Boardwalk🚶‍♀️

Invest in Making Springtime Memories

Learn the Art of Creating HGTV-worthy Sandcastles🏰

With a month full of sun-filled fun upon us, let’s enjoy every moment of this fresh, seaside beginning…

Happy Seaside April!

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