Spring’s Sweetest Seaside Things


Sweet Seaside Sunset

The sweetest day with the prettiest ending in Wildwood, NJ April 2022

What’s so special about a spring day by the sea, you may wonder?🤔

Here are a few of my favorite (spring) things… (cue the music, please)

Dewdrops on daisies and days feeling lazy🎵 …Mornings begun with sweet sunshine and light…an ocean to make it all salt-scented & bright…a brisk, beautiful beach run…always, always following the sun🎶… Building two-story sandcastles by the sea…relaxing on the porch with a cold iced tea…taking a bike ride from beach to boardwalk to bay…greeting fellow seasider  along the way…stopping to admire that picture-perfect view…a scenic Merry Go Round ride or two🎵…a picnic shared with family and friends…a orangey sunset to make for the day’s perfect end🎵…These are a few of my favorite things🎶🎶

Happy Seaside Spring!

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