Spring’s Seaside Morning Mantra


May’s Magical Sunrises

A morning sunrise makes for the best start to a seaside day in Wildwood, NJ May 2023

I respect the sunrise (and the caffeinated beverage that accompanies it). 🌅☕I prioritize myself and my inner beach bum. I choose self-love and all things salty and sandy. I set boundaries for myself (boardwalk stroll before boardwalk pizza) and others (toppings are a mutual decision). I am in control of my behavior and the pier rides I choose (teacups for the win) and surround myself with fellow coastal (and teacup) lovers. I respect the power found in the word no (sky-scraping rollercoaster = hard no). I am my most authentic seaside self. I trust my day’s journey leading from the beach to the bay (where the best sunsets are waiting) …

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