Spring’s Seaside Advice

Blue Skies and Beach Beauties…

A day in May spent at the beach is just good advice in Wildwood, NJ 2023

The core of beauty is simplicity… Paulo Coelho

Want to live your best seaside life? The experts (a.k.a. Google) all agree, a simple approach is the smartest solution. Why complicate things? The sun’s out and so should we be! We’ve got beaches to walk on and bike paths to travel. Simplicity is the sweetest trail to take this pastel-colored season. Let’s journey courtesy of a seabreeze, confident that we’ll arrive in the prettiest place. Let’s spend these pre-summer days simply coasting, trusting the sun and stars to show us the way…let’s linger among the lily of the valley, take the scenic route home, and remember how lucky we truly are, by land or by sea, these simply sweet spring days.

Is there anything more beautiful than that? 😊

Snapshots of seaside days simply (and beautifully) ended in Wildwood, NJ May 2022

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