Memorable Seaside May

May’s Morning Magic…

Walking into a memorable day in May in Wildwood, NJ 2023

“Memory…is the diary that we all carry about with us…” Oscar Wilde

What’s in your metaphorical diary this most memorable of weekends? Is it, for starters, to awaken before the sun (5:30 ish) to catch a sure-to-inspire sunrise over the ocean? Perhaps you’re not a “morning person” and would prefer to remember your weekend as one slept in (inspiring in its own way), peacefully easing into an otherwise full day.

With our inspirational mornings started according to our own personal preference, will we be filling those symbolic pages with memories of the most scenic photos, more evidence of a seaside weekend well lived?

Maybe it’s the littlest moments that will take up the most space in our souls, the way a sea-breeze gently touches us, how the warmth of the sun lingers long after it’s felt, reminding us to slow down and let each second sink in…

With beaches to lounge on and barbeques to attend, maybe our take-away this weekend won’t consist of Google searching but sandcastle building, less social media and more socializing, less online binge shopping and more outdoor bike riding, the best way to take in that unforgettable scenery…

Perhaps we’ll actually transfer some of those phone-stored memories to print and fill actual space in our technologically advanced lives, eager to share what we’ve experienced while holding in our hands the recollections stored in our hearts…

However you choose to spend this heartiest of weekends, may you carry the sweetest (and sandiest) memories with you…

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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