December Personified


Originally Published in the Sun by the Sea newspaper…

December feels the frost in the air. Buys a snowplow. Still finds time for boardwalk strolls. Enjoys the quiet. Waits patiently for the first snowflake over the sea. Unravels Christmas lights. Unwraps treasured ornaments. Makes eggnog. Assembles a bike. Handles each poinsettia with care. Bakes cookies by the dozen. Shares with Santa! Wishes on the Star at the top of the tree. Prays for those no longer here. Remembers a special toy. Has the faith of a child. Makes it onto Santa’s Nice List! Shakes hands with Old Man Winter. Reads bedtime stories. Makes a difference in someone else’s life. Puts loved ones first. Fills the family album. Plans a party. Counts down to a NewYear. Considers each moment a blessing…

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