Winter Hours

Photo Taken in Wildwood, NJ December 2019


Winter, a lingering season, a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour. ~ John Boswell

What could be more gloriously golden than a sunny, sentimental journey to Wildwood, NJ in the winter (okay, if soaking up the rays working on your tan is your jam, stay tuned, summer’s coming). Beauty abounds in town. At sunrise, which is at a more “respectable” time of 7:15ish, the sun connects with the ocean, each meeting as if for the first time (modern technology’s got nothing over Mother Nature), creating its own cozy, heavenly realm. Whether braving the temperatures during the always-popular Polar Bear Plunge, riding bikes on a spacious boardwalk, walking on the beach (bundled up, of course), or taking in a spectacular sunset (rivaled only by our sunrises), there’s something special about these short, sleepy days.
How are you spending these lazy, lingering hours by the sea?

Photo Taken in Wildwood, NJ December 2019

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