Sweet Seaside Winter

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?  John Steinbeck

Sweetness and Winter? Do those two words belong in the same sentence? Depends on who you ask. A summer enthusiast may prefer the pace of the Runaway Tram as opposed to the peace the off- season provides. A seaside local, however, just may tell you that the lack of crowds creates an abundance of sweet serenity (not to mention space), completed by picture-postcard scenery, making it a winter’s journey worth taking. Sure, it’s chilly but a frosty sea magnifies an already-sparkling locale.

Still not convinced? What about snow angels in the sand? Tried making one of those in the summer? How about that competitive winter sport of constructing the perfect snowman, seaside style? Can you get that kind of workout in July?

Photo Courtesy of okclipart.com

Of course, if you refuse to be swayed, remember there’s a mere 134 days until Memorial Day (not that I’m counting)….

Winter by the Sea? How sweet it is!


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