Seaside Season for Love



“The sea calls, come live in my heart and pay no rent ” ~

Looking for love in all the wrong places? With respect to Johnny Lee, the search for that elusive love has been found! The path may be sandy, but love abounds by the soulful sea, even during these supposedly sleepy winter months.

Fall in love with the quiet solitude found in a morning sunrise, with the view of the just-waking ocean sure to restore your faith in, you guessed it, life’s “loveliest” moments. The sea air is never sweeter (even without the scent of Coppertone) than on these chilly mornings.

Have a love for the log flume or a fondness for the ferris wheel? Well, something to look forward to as we wait for winter’s eventual passing.

Of course, to pass the time and for the toughest of days, when even a seaside stroll doesn’t stir your soul, there’s always chocolate, found EVERYWHERE (love in the tastiest form) and sure to cure those winter doldrums.

During this Month of Love (and chocolate), may Cupid find you in the sweetest spot by the heartfelt sea…

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