Love Connections




“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” ~ Rumi

What’s to love these last, lovely remaining days of February? Let me count the ways:)

Well, there’s 50% off chocolate hearts, enabling chocoholics everywhere to indulge at a reasonable rate. Why break the bank when you’re breaking your diet? There’s also Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17th), when otherwise ordinary, penny-pinching citizens inexplicably feel compelled to do out-of-the ordinary things like pay the toll for the car behind them. Then there’s National Drink Wine Day on February 19th, which, again, finds folks acting more kindly, albeit in an “alcohol-induced” kind of way.

Feeling the February Love yet? Let’s keep in mind, the days are getting longer, bridging the gap between winter and spring. During these lengthening days of chocolate, wine and kindness, let’s remind ourselves it’s all about the little things, the sweetness that the sleepiest of seasons brings. A brisk walk on a quiet beach, a warm hug from a sweet friend, hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night and a cozy place to call home, all signs of love, if we choose to notice them, all connecting us through their commonality.

May wherever you call home be filled with the kindest of connections and eternal sunlight and warmth during these cold winter days…

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