Self-Care: Vanity or Sanity?

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

How do you define self-care during these stressful epidemic times? I’m thinking we need it more than ever. In previous times, however, it got a bit of a bad rap. To discover what exactly qualifies for “self-care,” I consulted Google, the Ultimate Guide to, well, whatever and wherever you require guidance.
Turns out, they know a little too much for my getting-shorter-by-the-minute attention span, making my research lengthier. To sum things up, they’re pro-self-care, which is, simply put, “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s health.” Sounds good, but how do we put self-care into practice when we’re living during such restricting times? Nodding to one’s neighbors from a safe distance hardly constitutes a meaningful relationship. Social media now qualifies for our safest form of social connection, something to be grateful for these isolating days.
For the self-defined introverts, these may be good times, indeed, as they finally have an excuse to stay home, away from the Who-knows-what-they’ve-got crowds. With that in mind, now may be the best time for self-care activities like homespun spa days (aromatherapy’s a must) with a good book making for a healthy companion. Sweet and salty snacks will also up your self-care quota. Might I also suggest a Hallmark Movie Marathon, where the only Corona comes in bottle form, and the latest news involves the newest movie? This weekend’s We Need a Little Christmas Movie Marathon is likely to make us feel a bit better as we reminisce about the most magical time of year without the business of having to actually buy gifts…Spoiler Alert, each story is destined to end with Everything Working Out, so no worries on that front. Girl quits her soul-sucking job, returns to her small, lovable hometown (who needs locks on the doors?) where she finds her True Calling/Love/Home (all things she wasn’t really looking for, ironically enough), The End. Whose mental health wouldn’t be improved after watching eight of those feel-good movies in a 24-hour period (not that I’ve ever done that?)
So, while we wait (impatiently) for The End of this epidemic and The Beginning of our Happily Ever After, what self-care will you be following?

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