Retro Seaside Sunsets



“A setting sun still whispers a promise of tomorrow.” ~ Jeb Dickerson ~

Okay, full disclosure, 2019, when these photos were taken, is hardly, at this point in time, a retro year, unless you consider the fact that the year 2020 has most definitely made each year that preceded it feel, in comparison, light years away.

Anyone else feeling a bit nostalgic for yesteryear? In times of crises, the past seems so much better than it actually may have been, the rear-view mirror often distorted by our faulty, fondly-held memories. The present is pretty darn frightening and the future is uncertain, but the past is filled with carefree, unrestricted times when, among other things, masks were considered an optional Halloween accessory, not a required facial fixture.

Have we ever needed a promise-filled sunset more?

Watching the colors of the sky take center stage as the sun takes its final bow is like stepping into an artist’s canvas, a first-hand glimpse of Mother Nature at her best. As the colors unfold on that canvas in the sky, we’re reminded that sunsets represent endings, which can be a bit of a bummer, albeit, a really pretty one, but we can’t have a new beginning without an ending and what better time than now to lean on the promise of a better tomorrow?

May your tomorrows be filled with endless sunsets (and unlimited sunrises, too)…🌅🌇


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