Quarantine and Quiet Gratitude

Wildwood, NJ October 2019

“There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, in quiet joy.”  ~ Ralph H Blum

While some would say these are not the times that inspire gratitude, I would argue (most politely, of course) that these are the moments when gratitude is needed the most. I miss my carefree coastal days, as well as fearlessly stepping outside my front door, sans mask, but I’m grateful for those bygone days and the good days I believe are still to come. Sure, this New Normal feels anything but, surreal is apparently our new sameness and up is now down.

During these upside down days, I’ve vowed to reflect on the many things I have to be grateful for.

In no particular order:

A simple, neighborhood walk

A glimpse of the sun peeking behind the clouds (finding the silver lining is key to any self-respecting Gratitude List😊)

A phone call from a friend

Social Media (helping the newly disconnected reconnect since March 2020)


Answered Prayers

I could continue, but in the interest of space and well, interest, I’ll leave you with the all-important question, What are you grateful for these days?💗💗

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