A Dog’s (Seaside) Life

Wildwood, NJ May 2019

Originally Published in the Sun by the Sea Print and Online at: http://www.sunbythesea.com

Reflections from the Desk of Arthur (Resident Canine Expert)

It’s so good to be back among friends (from a respectable social distance, of course), kindred spirits who are blissfully awakened by the sound of the ocean and the soothing scent of suntan lotion. Following a long winter’s nap during which I, well, napped (and dabbled in a bit in poetry), I am once again among the land of the (shore) living. With the smell of salt air drifting through my canary yellow convertible, my ears flapping in the sea breeze, I knew I was home. Also carried by that gentle breeze was the anticipation of the good times to come, the knowledge that my paws would soon be reconnecting with our cool sand (an amazing paw softener).

Although I make friends wherever I go, there is no place I’d rather spend the docile days of spring than Wildwood by the Sea. These are days I take time to stop and actually smell the flowers. Of course, it helps that I’m so close to the ground. Although I spend my “Wildwood-less” days in a tropical setting, no amount of little umbrellas in my water dish can replace the warmth I feel when I return to my happy abode. My winter break may consist of steamy temperatures, but my heart doesn’t truly warm up until I’m once again soaking up the sun that shines its brightest on our little island. Spring is a time of reawakening, a time to come home.

During these times of new beginnings, dear readers, may you always have a warm spot in your heart for the place you call home.

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