May’s Happiness Report

Wildwood, NJ May 2019

As our world continues to grow smaller, and the days contain a relative “scary sameness,” it can become more challenging to discover true happiness in the unsettling mix. Socializing, naturally, is an important part of being happy, according to some really smart Harvard people, yet how do you happily socialize from six feet away? Healthy relationships consistently tops the Happiness Requirements, but virtually hugs, as the weeks drag on, can only provide so much comfort. Connections are being redefined these days (thank you social media and Virtual Happy Hours everywhere), leaving the technically challenged a bit adrift. For the drifters among us, how do we find our Happiness?

All is not lost, wayward travelers! As the angels of serenity would have it, exercise and sleep, also important ingredients in the happiness cocktail, are still readily available. A bike ride, as well as a leisurely stroll, is sure to lead you nicely along life’s sweet journey (while ultimately leading you back home, where the best sleep occurs:)).

Being Kind is being thrown around a lot and for good reason. Our fellow humans need it more than ever. As an added bonus, thinking about others is a guaranteed endorphin rush (unless you are a sociopath, then feel free to stop reading from here on out). Helping others, or at least sending them positive vibes from afar, really does help the helper.

Yes, we must maintain a respectable distance, with friendly waves replacing firm handshakes for the time being, but that cannot prevent us from claiming our own form of bliss. For some, solitude is joy personified, for others, socialization is the key that unlocks their contentment.

Spring is a time of rebirth, and as our pandemic-prone world continues to evolve, we continue to learn what truly makes us happy as individuals, relying more on life’s little things to boost our spirits.

While that evolution marches on, just remember, every day forward is a day closer to summer. Hope your summer is filled with sun and sea and the happiest place to be!🌞😎

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