The Perfect Seaside Day in May



“And one perfect day can give clues for a more perfect life.” ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Everyone has their own idea of what a perfect day involves. A Day at Disney? A roam through the Rainforest? Netflix Marathon? Taco Tuesday? So many ways to define perfection!

In my quest to identify the ideal day (because I’d hate to experience Nirvana without my knowledge), I realized that bliss for me is based on those little moments that often pass us by. It’s actually listening to the sound of the ocean, taking in the scent of a salty sea breeze. Being Present. Yep, the Simple Things.

Clueless as to how to spend the “Perfect Day?” Along the coast, a perfect spring day for me includes:

Waking to the Sounds of the Seagulls

Catching the Sunrise over the Ocean

Taking a Long Walk on the Beach🏖

Reading a Book on the Porch

Riding a Bike on the Boardwalk

Watching Sailboats Coasting By⛵

Witnessing the Sunset over the Bay

Falling Asleep Under a Starry Sky…

(Throw in Boardwalk Pizza and a Margarita for added perfection😊)

What makes for your perfect day in May?

Feel free to borrow mine.🌼🌼

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