Christmas in Seaside July


As we celebrate that all-important (yet somehow underrated) holiday, Christmas in July, you may have a few pertinent questions ranging from, Are gifts required or would a simple greeting card suffice? Is Santa Claus involved in any way and perhaps most importantly,  Is it actually a thing? Turns out, Christmas in July is an actual holiday, not created by the good people of Hallmark, as I once suspected, but started in 1933 at Keystone Camp, a summer camp located in Brevard, N.C. The apparently Christmas-loving crew decided to dedicate two days in July (the 24th and 25th, specifically) to all things Yuletide (and yes, Santa made the trek from the North Pole for the auspicious occasion). While gifts are strictly at the gift-givers’ discretion, there are a ton of Christmas in July sales (no pressure). A Christmas Wish List might be a bit of an overkill, at least in the eyes of your Nearest and Dearest, but what true Christmas lover can resist dragging the artificial Christmas tree out of the attic and decorating it with seashells, tiny beach buckets and sand dollars, among other seaworthy items?

Decorating aside, what might be the best way to celebrate the season in seaside style?

Gifting yourself (and others) with  sunny days at the beach is clearly the gift that keeps on giving. Remember, nothing says Love better than a Room with an Ocean View.

Frozen hot chocolate makes for a seasonally-appropriate beverage (like a frozen margarita but for the G-rated crowd).

A barbeque or picnic (depending on your venue preference) complete with twinkling lights would surely round out the day nicely, as would a guest appearance by Santa, who is certainly a fan of all things coastal.

Ordinarily I’d suggest It’s a Wonderful Life for your nighttime movie (my all-time Christmas favorite), but seeing as how it’s not technically Christmas, might I suggest  Christmas in July, a fun film worth checking out this time of year.

Whatever you’re plans entail this Yes-it-is-a-Real holiday, hope you find salt air and sea breezes welcoming you wherever you go.

Santa would surely approve…🎅🏻🎄



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