Flashback Friday Feature: Seaside Movie Days Gone By


Ready for our latest Trip Back in Movie Time? Be prepared to do some time traveling. We’re going places! There’s a visit to the Ice Age, which is the most animated time on our travel log, not to be undone by a visit to 1930’s Chicago (hello, gangster Johnny Depp!) World War II battles for its movie day (with Brad Pitt leading the glorious pack). Britain in the 1960’s proved to be melodious and we couldn’t forget our favorite culinary ladies, connected by cooking but separated by several decades (the 1950s and 2002, specifically). Fortunately, in the magical land of movies, there’s 500 Days of Summer, leaving us plenty of time for time travel and beach days.

Wherever you’re traveling this sunniest of cinematic seasons, may you enjoy the scenery😊

Meg the Movie Buff Goes to Hollywood

2009 Summer Movie Guide

Originally Published in the Sun by the Sea Summer 2009 edition

Summer by the sea, combined with tasty concession stand refreshments, brings small-town miracles to our big screen cast of characters. Miraculously counting 500 Days of Summer on the calendar, once Public Enemies Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince decide to take a full season break from their treacherous world and excitedly head to the shore. The best way to form a peace treaty, they learn, is at the beach over bottles of iced tea and sunscreen. Two beach chairs over are best of friends Julie & Julia, heatedly discussing the secret ingredients of boardwalk cuisine. All unanimously agree, the Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs has been wiped out, with summer at the shore making a Sunsational return engagement!

Before making a return engagement to the nearest movie theater, please check your local listings for release date changes…

During the Ice Age: the animated crew (voices of Ray Romano, Denis Leary) are back, and after several rounds on the Pink Elephants, attempt to save one of their own, journeying to a strange underground Dawn of the Dinosaurs (opens July 1st).

In 1930s Chicago, Public Enemies (opens July 1st) are made of outlaw John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) and the FBI agent (Christian Bale) determined to bring him to justice, traveling by tram car in his steadfast pursuit.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Daniel Radcliffe, opens July 15th), having exhausted their powers riding the Curse of the Mummy, must face the fact that danger, once again, lurks everywhere in the wizard worlds. Also stars Emma Watson and Helena Bonham Carter.

Greeting card writer Tom (Joseph Gordon Levitt) is dumped by girlfriend Summer (Zooey Deschanel) prompting him to longingly reflect on his 500 Days of Summer (opens July 17th), complete with a romantic seascape.

The world’s fate rests in the furry, 3-D animated paws of the G-Force (opens July 24th), a group of guinea pigs (voices of Nicolas Cage, Penelope Cruz and Sam Rockwell) specially trained by the government in the field of espionage. They begin their spy work by digging in the sand for clues (and pretty shells).

A terminally ill comedian (Adam Sandler), wishing he’d taken more medicinal walks on the beach, is surrounded by Funny People (opens July 31st) including an aspiring comedian (Seth Rogan) he takes under his wing.

The lives of Julie and Julia (opens August 7th) intertwine when office worker Julie (Amy Adams) looks to add spice to her life by chronicling her effort to cook the 524 recipes in Julia Child’s (Meryl Streep) book Mastering the Art of French Cooking in a year’s time, leaving no time to learn what makes Sam’s Pizza so delicious.

The Time Traveler’s Wife (Rachel McAdams, opens August 14th) unhappily waits for her librarian husband (Eric Bana) as he unwillingly travels through time, hoping their time together will include time at the shore.

A group of Jewish-American soldiers, highly impressed by Dante’s Dungeon, become the Inglourious Bastards (including Brad Pitt and Eli Roth, opens August 21st) who terrorize the Nazis during World War II in Nazi-occupied France.

In the middle of Britain’s North Sea during the 1960s, a band of popular, rebellious DJ’s (Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy and Nick Frost) believe The Boat That Rocked (opens August 28th) rivals a trip on the Zoom Phloom and holds the key to love and free will.


During a lengthy intermission, The Time Traveler’s Wife, worried her time at the shore will soon end, impulsively hops on board The Boat That Rocked. With the moon hovering over the deep blue sea, she’s encouraged by the Funny People on board to lighten up and enjoy her shore travels, in whatever time they occur. Deeply affected by the sparkling seascape are the Inglourious Bastards, who have a miraculous transformation of their own and decide to change their dastardly ways. With only minutes to go before the next big flick starts, the G-Force leads our cast of characters back to warm, sand-touched land and cool movie-theater seats, each wishing that summer at the shore would last forever!🍿🍿

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