A Dog’s Seaside Life


Reflections from the Desk of Arthur, Resident Canine Expert

A dog-loving day in Wildwood, NJ February 2020

Originally Published in the September/October 2008 edition of the Sun by the Sea

I find it hard to grasp that ancient concept that labels the end of summer as a time of great sadness, when vacations end and school begins. Being an equal-opportunity season lover, I happily welcome autumn and its gentle sea breezes. This is the best time to be canine-inclined! We watch our loyal owners deal with daily responsibilities (and uncomfortable footwear) while we linger on the porch, paws up, soaking in the sun. Being self-taught and debt-free, end of summer’s never been a threat to me. Also, if you have fur issues, the cooler air can be a breezy blessing. Plus, the fall is jam-packed with activities! For my “domestic-animals” crowd, the end of summer means unrestricted beach time. Beach yoga really centers me. Naturally, I’m an expert at downward dog. 

Suddenly, our small town starts to feel bigger, at least to those of us walking on all fours. We can really spread our wings, so to speak, with less danger of being stepped on. With autumn comes perfect days.  Following the aforementioned beach yoga, I love walking on the cooler, less crowded pavements, smelling those fantastic outdoor smells (pizza mixed with a salty breeze is my personal favorite) and basking in the glow of a pristine (thank you, thesaurus) blue sky. My outdoor excursions are soon followed by a sweet treat then my prerequisite afternoon siesta. Can you think of a more idyllic day than that?

However, for those still sad to see an end to summer, remember, summer’s not just a season; it’s a state of mind. The dog days of an endless summer remain in our hearts year round and life at the shore, from sunrise to sunset, is better than ever!

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