Flashback Friday Feature: Movie Days Gone By

A Sunset Worthy of a Sequel

Flying high over another Wildwood sunset September 2020

The Comeback of soft coastal days has finally arrived, with The Golden Age of both movie and seaside moments finally upon us courtesy of the Autumn of 2007. During that momentous time, a book club inspired its own Rendition of Perfect Days while a musical prodigy found his family among the sand and the stars. The Heartbreak Kid discovered healing by the musical sea, far removed from the Wild where Dan (and others) in Real Life lived.

Switching effortlessly from real to reel life, who’s ready for cooler temperatures and even cooler stars?

Meg the Movie Buff Goes to Hollywood


Originally Published in the Sun by the Sea…September/October 2007 edition

With The Golden Age of autumn soon to arrive, everyone from The Heartbreak Kid to The Brave One has their own Rendition of what this time of year will bring. Know-it-all Mr. Woodcock believes a trip Into the Wild will prepare everyone, fiction or otherwise, for cooler days while Dan in Real Life, apparently tired of reality, would rather spend this bountiful season at a reel-life movie theater.

Before sampling the bounty that only autumn at the movies can bring, please check your local listings for release date changes.

A New York City radio host (Jodie Foster), in desperate need of small town sea air and sunshine, becomes The Brave One (opens Sept. 14th) after surviving a brutal attack and her fiancé’s death. Her quest for revenge draws attention from the public as well as the police detective (Terrence Howard) trying to solve the case.

A self-help author (Seann William Scott) returns home to stop his mom (Susan Sarandon) from marrying Mr. Woodcock (Billy Bob Thornton, opens Sept. 14th), the teacher who tortured him throughout high school. Perhaps beating his former teacher at a challenging round of miniature golf will settle the score.

After forming The Jane Austen Book Club (opens Sept. 21st), its members, having realized The Beach Writer’s Conference is still months away, soon find their love lives resembling a modernized version of the novels. Stars Kathy Baker, Maria Bello and Emily Blunt.

Fresh from his college graduation, Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch) heads Into the Wild (opens Sept. 21st) leaving everything behind for an eye-opening and ultimately tragic odyssey into the Alaskan wilderness. Also stars Vince Vaughn and Catherine Keener. Based on a true story and Jon Krakauer’s 1997 New York Times bestseller.

A man who hastily weds becomes The Heartbreak Kid (Ben Stiller, opens Oct. 5th) when he meets his dream girl (Michelle Monaghan) while on his honeymoon with his nightmare of a wife (Malin Akerman). His heart would have been less likely to break had he been sprinting on the beach instead of rushing to the altar.

A Middle East CIA analyst (Jake Gyllenhaal) in need of a quiet beach to contemplate his life choices, has his own Rendition  (opens Oct. 12th) after witnessing the interrogation of a suspected suicide bomber, an Egyptian-born chemical engineer (Omar Metwalley). Meanwhile, the engineer’s American wife (Reese  Witherspoon) travels to Washington to investigate. Also stars Meryl Streep and Alan Arkin.

For England’s Queen Elizabeth: (Cate Blanchett) The Golden Age (opens Oct. 12th) revolved around conspiracy plots and a newfound relationship with explorer Sir Walter Raleigh (Clive Owen). A quiet ferry ride would have provided a much-needed break from the threat of royal removal.

An advice columnist/widowed dad (Steve Carell) becomes Dan in Real Life (opens Oct. 12th) at a family reunion when he falls for his brother’s (Dane Cook) “real-life” girlfriend (Juliette Binoche). An Irish Weekend, as opposed to a family reunion, might have been another way to introduce Dan to real life.

Orphaned musical genius August Rush (Freddie Highmore, opens Oct. 19th), perhaps finding inspiration at the family-friendly Fabulous 50s Weekend, attempts to have his own familial reunion with the parents he was separated from at birth with the help of a mystifying stranger (Robin Williams).

A retired college football coach (David Koechner) labeled with one of the worst records in football history, aspires to The (ultimate of) Comebacks (opens Oct. 26th) with a new team of “challenging” recruits, many of whom could find their own winning form of motivation at the Thunder on the Beach Monster Truck Race.

With The Comeback(s) of cooler temperatures, musical whiz kid August Rush has composed a tune to commemorate the season of plenty while members of The Jane Austen Book Club write their own ode to autumn. With music and lyrics in the still air, we fall into shorter days at the shore, where each clear night is filled with its own blend of (movie) stars…🎬🍿🥤

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