Autumn’s Intellect


Sweet Seaside Autumn

A Beautiful Start to the Autumn of 2019 in Wildwood, NJ

Physicist (and really smart guy) Albert Einstein once said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” So, does that mean it’s how we adapt to the change of seasons that makes us smart, as opposed to getting smarter courtesy of the mere passage of time? Probably a bit of both, seeing as how the change of seasons is one way to wisely mark time.

Happily, mourning summer’s end, while far  from absurd, is hardly necessary, as it leads the way (for the lucky ones) to an autumn by the sea, the perfect time of year for the smarties among us. We get to experience the beauty of nature in its softest form (light sweater weather, anyone?) Beach walks tend to be quieter and less crowded, perfect for social distancing and serene moments. The sun rises a bit later for the not-quite-morning people and sets earlier (for the actual morning people who secretly long to be pajama-clad by dusk).

Apple picking and pumpkin carving are, naturally, a sophisticated art form, hayrides are the sweetest form of transportation and can we talk about the autumnal fare? Pies of all kinds, chi teas, hearty soups and pumpkin, well, everything, make autumn a season for all of the senses. A bonfire to round out a chilly night makes for one wise way to end the day.

Change really is good for us!

I’ll bet astute Einstein would agree…

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