It’s a Dog’s Seaside Life


Reflections from the Desk of Arthur, Resident Canine Expert

Wildwood, NJ Winter 2020

Originally Published in the Sun by the Sea…Holiday 2008 edition…print and online at:

Like most excited pups, my letter to Santa Clause was “North Pole” ready before summer breezed its final goodbye. Thankfully, I’ve been particularly good this year (really, ask anyone) and therefore feel a lengthy list is in order. Because I’m so goodhearted, I know Santa won’t mind. I’ve decided this year, I am not being practical. Forget milk bones that whiten teeth and freshen breath. I want to have fun! I am so ready for a boogie board, having witnessed hundreds of people falling off theirs. My daily yoga routine has provided me and my four paws with enough poise to maintain “boogie-board balance.” Besides, as a local, I like to be ready to roll with the waves (as opposed to just plain rolling).

Along with my letter to Santa is an invitation of sorts. I’d love to have him come and visit our seaside town. I know he’d love it! Rumors have been swirling around for years suggesting he’s spent time here sipping lattes by the sea, smelling of sugar plums and sunscreen. I tactfully suggested a non-strenuous workout routine we could do together during his visit. The cookies-and-milk weight gain may be inevitable, but our fresh sea air inspires calorie-burning beach walks and boardwalk strolls. I also mentioned what a great tour guide I’d be, even though I rarely make it passed the front door. He’d be amazed at how our town lights up during the holidays!

My readers know what this time of year does to my furry heart. The cool ocean breezes, the feeling of frosty sand, the short, lazy days, and the long, starry nights…these are things that can’t be put on a list and all the things I wish for you, shore lovers, during the most amazing time of year!🐾🎅

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