A Dog’s Life


Maybe CHRISTMAS, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe CHRISTMAS, perhaps, means a little bit more ~ Dr Seuss The Grinch

santa s house decor
Photo by Jamie Lee on Pexels.com

Previously Published in the Sun by the Sea newspaper…www.sunbythesea.com

Reflections from the Desk of  Arthur, Resident Canine Philosopher

This time of year always makes me philosophical. Chilly shore days are so peaceful. I’m still amazed watching the sun setting over the frosty bay. Snowflakes drifting over the ocean before melting into the salty abyss still warm my fuzzy heart. I feel Christmas coming! Being pro-Santa, I’m saddened that many people have forgotten what he symbolizes. He is not a representative for commercialism. He didn’t intentionally go all “Hollywood” on us, although those ads with him in the sunglasses, throwing back a soda, kind of freak me out. Santa a caffeine junky? No! Has product placement become what the holidays are all about? Aside from the fact that I’m cash poor, I prefer to focus on the spirit of the season rather than the materialism of it all. I ponder the significance of life. I ask more thought-provoking questions. What is the true meaning of Christmas? How do I do my part to spread Peace on Earth and Good Will toward men (and animals?) Equally important, at least in my mind, how do the reindeer keep from slamming into each other and has Santa ever taken a wrong turn and ended up on the naughty-listed side of town?
After much pondering, I find myself agreeing with that little hair-challenged Charlie Brown and his smarter-than-humans beagle. Christmas isn’t about material possessions. It’s about being with the ones you love.
When I’m surrounded by the ones I love, both furry and non, my heart gets even bigger (Grinch inspired).
I hope this heartfelt season finds you inspired, surrounded by the ones you love.

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